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Most useful Windows 7 shortcut keys

I’m a happy MSDN subscriber so have Windows 7 installed for few months by now and got some useful shortcuts to share.

  • Multi monitor system? Use Win+Shift+Left to move to the left monitor or Win+Shift+Right – to the right
  • Win+P – switches between monitor options (multi monitor/projector settings)
  • One monitor? Then Win+Left is snapping current window to the left side and Win+Right – to the right
  • Win+Space – peeks at the Desktop
  • Win+X – calls Mobility Center
  • Win+T – first Taskbar entry
  • Win+G – brings desktop gadgets to the top


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How to boot Windows 7 faster?

Check your system configuration: active services, what items run at startup ect. All of those are in one place: MSCONFIG.

MSCONFIG in Microsoft Windows 7

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