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My favorite Visual Studio 2013 features - Vertical Scroll Bar Map Mode

Move your mouse over vertical scroll bar, press right button and choose "Scroll Bar Options...". In opened windows select option "Use map mode for vertical scroll bar". Also you might want to activate check box "Show preview tooltip". Hit OK when you done. Observe that vertical scroll bar becomes thumbnail copy of the current code window. If you move your mouse over this bar, Visual Studio will show you pice of code normal size code block like in spy glass. Very handy! And you you know what is the best part? This scroll bar is still works like a scroll bar Laughing

Best new features in Visual Studio 2013 - Peek Definition

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 will be released just about year after of VS2012. Nevertheless, it has lots of new great features. Here is one of my favorite.
In addition to well known Go to Definition (F12), which finds and opens source of a given class in separate windows, Microsoft added Peek Definition (Alt-F12). This command shows definitions in small embedded window without need to finding your recent window back after you check a definition.

How to specify what separator you use in CSV file?

CSV (Comma-separated values) files are very handy for using in self-generated tabular reports as they extremely easy to create in any programming language. But to be opened correctly in Microsoft Excel, the separator should depend on Windows Regional settings: in some countries it could be comma whereas in others – semicolon etc. Fortunately there is an easy way how to let Excel know what separator you use in a given file. Just put sep=<separator symbol> as the very first string in your file (get rid of <>  chars, just put a symbol). It could any symbol that is not used in your data guaranteed, even invisibles such as TAB (ASCII 9).