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Where “Send To” in Windows 7?

Long time ago I have found useful to add some custom shortcuts to “Send To” folder in Windows. Most useful for me is shortcut to Notepad: if you have this shortcut in “Send To”, when you need to open any text file (or HTML, or XML – you name it) you just need to select that file in Windows Explorer, right click on it and under “Send To” select the Notepad shortcut. Simply, isn’t it?

It is not always easy to locate this folder. Because Windows 7 is coming and I already switched to Win7 RC, this tip applies to Win7. Here is the path: C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo

Note: folder “AppData” is system and hidden by default, thus if you hate to type the entire path manually, open C:\Users\<user name>\ location then type “AppData” in address bar and then you can use your mouse to navigate to “SendTo”.

SendTo folder in Windows 7

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